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Interview with Tyler McCall, Center for Presidential History, Dallas.

A preview of Dorothy Sue Cobble's public lecture on her book, For the Many, at the Center for Presidential History, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, 28 February 2022. 


Zagat Q&A: What History Can Teach Us About Unionizing Restaurants

Zagat Interview with Dorothy Sue Cobble by Anne Cruz, "Zagat Q&A: What History Can Teach Us About Unionizing," 28 April 2022. 

Zagat Q&A

Watch the May 2021 book launch of For the Many here.

The event features Cobble and a panel of distinguished global scholars discussing feminist activism for women's rights and economic justice.

Women's ILO: Transnational Networks, Working Conditions and Gender Equality


During a two-day international workshop organized by the ILO Century Project and the European Institute of the University of Geneva, Professor Dorothy Sue Cobble discussed her research findings. The event, Women's ILO: Transnational Networks, Working Conditions and Gender Equality, was held in December 2012. Watch the video for Cobble's remarks.

The 2010 Sol Stetin Award


The award ceremony opens with introductory remarks from garment union leader Joan Suarez. Labor historian David Montgomery presents the award and describes Cobble's contributions to the field. Cobble's acceptance speech begins at 3:00.

Sol Stetin Award

History Forum: Dorothy Sue Cobble on perceptions of working-class politics


In an hour-long talk aired by Minnesota Public Radio, Professor Dorothy Sue Cobble challenges the belief that all working-class voters are conservative. Click here to read more and listen to the lecture.

MPR Talk

Iceland Keynote


Cobble spoke on "Reimagining Labor History for Our Future" to the Nordic Labor History Conference in November 2016. The lecture took place in the Celebration Hall of the University of Iceland in Reykjavic.

The Myth of Working-Class Conservatism


Professor Dorothy Sue Cobble gave a talk, "The Myth of Working-Class Conservatism," at the Organization of American Historians annual convention in March 2008 in New York City. Professor Cobble presented as part of the event's panel, "Does Liberalism Have a Usable Past?" 

Historical Perspectives on Women's Work


Professor Cobble's September 1998 talk to the Women and Work Conference at the University of Southern Maine was aired on Biddeford Maine Public Access Television. Mike Cavannaugh posted this clip as part of his series, Cavanaugh's Corner, on Why Women Work.

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