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Books by Dorothy Sue Cobble

For the Many by Dorothy Sue Cobble.png
For the Many

“Dorothy Sue Cobble’s sweeping, carefully-researched, and beautifully-written story of full-rights feminists …will no doubt remain a touchstone for the history of feminism and labor for years to come.”  --- Jocelyn Olcott, International Review of Social History

Feminism Unfinished.png
Feminism Unfinished

“Edgy and important, Feminism Unfinished gives us one hundred years of feminist activism across all divides of class, race, and difference. It is a powerful corrective to hearten us in these mean times: The Global Feminist Movement Is Unfinished, and Everywhere Ongoing.”
—Blanche Wiesen Cook, author of Eleanor Roosevelt

The Other Women's Movement

"[A] sweeping new history of working-class feminism. . . . Future studies of post-World War II labor activism, politics, and feminism will build on this crucial work."

—Annelise Orleck, Reviews in American History

The Sex of Class_Dorothy Sue Cobble
The Sex of Class

“Once again, Dorothy Sue Cobble is right on target. In The Sex of Class, she's brought together a remarkable group of essays that spell out why class inequalities are growing larger and how the working class is becoming more female than ever. At the same time, this collection thoughtfully describes the place in the union movement for millions of women who teach our kids, clean our offices, and nurse us back to health. The Sex of Class is indispensable. Everyone who's part of the struggle for working women should read it.”

Linda Chavez-Thompson, Executive Vice-President, AFL-CIO

Dishing it Out_Dorothy Sue Cobble
Dishing It Out

"Rich in detail, studded with telling anecdotes, Dishing It Out is just as vivid and evocative as its title suggests… This book speaks with clarity and good sense to the major debates in the history of work and gender and will become a landmark in our growing understanding of the relationships between the two."

—Susan Porter Benson, author of Counter Cultures

Women and Unions_Dorothy Sue Cobble
Women and Unions

"This volume is essential reading for anyone who cares about where our labor movement is heading and wants to help steer it in a direction which is consonant with the best of its traditions." —Roberta Till-Retz, University of Iowa

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