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Women and Unions_Dorothy Sue Cobble

Women and Unions: Forging a Partnership

Edited by Dorothy Sue Cobble

More than 40 scholars and activists suggest how unions and working women can best serve each other. They discuss ways to close the wage gap and to meet family needs; they explore both the opportunity and the danger of temporary and part-time work, and try to develop a realistic approach to homework; and they document new directions in organizing and representing women, and debate the implications of women moving into union leadership.

"Women have been catapulted to the forefront of the world of work in recent years, and labor unions, if they are to succeed, must pay greater attention to the special needs of women workers. To analyze the implications of these trends, 40 women from the academic world, as well as from the workplace and union hall, give feminist interpretations of such issues as how best to close the wage gap, the good and the bad of part-time and home-based work, how to cope with the "second shift" at home, how to bring women in greater numbers into labor unions, and how the movement of women into leadership positions will affect the character of labor unions. The work is enhanced by excellent bibliographies. Recommended for women's studies, labor union, and industrial relations collections." —Harry Frumerman, formerly with Hunter Coll., CUNY

Publisher: ILR Press

ISBN: 978-0875463001

Published: May 1, 1993


"There is no other collection of essays that covers the same range of topics, that has a union perspective, and that has been researched and written by such an outstanding assemblage of scholars and activists. The research has been comprehensive and conscientious, the analysis is sophisticated; the commentary is insightful."

—Joyce L. Kornbluh, University of Michigan

"This volume is essential reading for anyone who cares about where our labor movement is heading and wants to help steer it in a direction which is consonant with the best of its traditions."

—Roberta Till-Retz, University of Iowa

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